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Spooky Halloween Mummy Treats


Today I'm sharing one of my favorite childhood memories! This post might be a little out of the norm from my usual content, but it's October and it's almost Halloween, and it's my birthday month! Every year when I was younger, back in the long ago time of bringing homemade treats to school, my mom would make me these spooky mummy treats to take to school as my birthday treat. 

While I don't get to send them to school, you can bet these will be making their way to daycare every year! So let's get to the goods, and let me tell you how these can be a part of your child's memories too!


Spooky Halloween Mummy Treats



Popsicle sticks
Jumbo Marshmallows
Fruit by the foot
Cookie Icing
Candy Eyes


1. Start by assembling your marshmallows on a Popsicle stick. Three jumbo marshmallows to every Popsicle stick is the perfect ratio! I like to leave the marshmallows lined up on one side so the bottom can be held like a Popsicle for easy eating. 

2. Next, unwrap your fruit by the foots and completely remove from the wrapper. Once unwrapped, take your fruit by the foot and wrap it around the marshmallows just as you would imagine a mummy being wrapped. Make sure to leave a small slit for eyes towards the top end of the mummy. When you get to the end of the roll, place a little dab of cookie icing on the fruit by the foot to "glue" it in place.

3. Now that you have your mummy "wrapped" take your cookie icing and place two small dots in the slit you left for the eyes. Place your candy eyes on these so they are secured in place. Now your spooky mummies are complete! 

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