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Your Guide to Choosing Gender Neutral Nursery Options

We get it maybe you’re a soon to be new mom, or this is your 2nd or 3rd or 4th or (you get the picture) time mom and you’re thinking about holding off on finding out the gender for that little extra incentive at the end of a long delivery (besides the new baby you get of course) to find out the gender. Or perhaps someone you love is expecting and they’ve made the decision to wait until birth to find out babies gender #teamgreen. 

As someone who was team green for both of my pregnancies I was shocked by the number of people who made comments like “I don’t know how you wait to find out” or “how can you be ready for baby if you don’t know what gender you’re buying for”? Well that’s why I’m here to show you that it is EASY to be prepared or to select a gift if you or someone you know is going team green. In fact I would argue that if you are planning on having more than one child it’s BETTER to choose gender neutral options (even if you do find out the gender before birth!)

Today’s nursery design trends make this task even easier. New mommas are switching out gender specific colors for gender neutral colors that fit into the style of the rest of their home. I recently surveyed my Instagram audience and found that 50% of my followers preferred gender neutral colors and clothing if they had a girl vs. gender specific traditionally girly colors. This makes my heart happy because - truth time here - I *personally* LOVE gender neutral non gender stereotyped colors - in fact I really don’t love the color pink and my favorite color has always been green! You can bet if this boy mama ever has a little girl of her own the only pink going into her wardrobe will be gifts from family members. 

So, how do you pick a nursery design, bedding, and clothes that can be gender neutral? My tip is to start with an overall nursery theme using neutrals - greys, creams, whites, blacks and build from there. The great thing about this is even if you want something a little more gender specific after baby arrives you can add those colors in! I like to paint my walls, purchase my furniture, and bedding, and then hold off on a few of the detail pieces - like a couple of decorative pieces for the room or perhaps the crib sheet or curtains. Before baby arrives you can have two options for these pieces you are holding out on lined up in your online shopping cart, and then as soon as baby arrives get them ordered so when you arrive home (or shortly after!) they are there and ready to be placed in the places you so lovingly selected for them.

If you’re the loved one gifting to someone who is choosing to go team green, or a new momma who is looking for inspo for a team green nursery I’ve picked 3 of my favorite gender neutral prints that work well for a little boy OR a little girl. 



The great thing about all of this is design is subjective, if you love gender specific nurseries - GO FOR IT, if you love something gender neutral - GO FOR IT. There is no one *right* way. As someone with a residential interior design background I’ve found sometimes we get too caught up in what other people will think of our homes or specific rooms or design selections, but ultimately YOU are the one living there and YOU are the one that has to like it and that’s really all that matters! I’d love to know what are your favorite tips for someone who is selecting a gender neutral gift or someone who is choosing to hold out until delivery for the big gender reveal?

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